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The Puget Sound Bird Observatory is committed to developing new researchers and bird banders in our region. 

Bird research and banding is challenging, requires precise and meticulous field work, attention to detail, and constant review of data and prior research. It's a blast, and we're working to help new and aspiring scientists and researchers acquire the skills that will help them conduct the studies that build on how we understand the ecosystems around us. 

PSBO offers a banding course once each year in late summer, giving banders an opportunity to experience both classroom instruction and to gain hands-on field experience. The tuition for the course is currently $580, and includes Peter Pyle's second edition guidebook and the PSBO generated textbook binder. You will get hands on experience and expert instruction. You can find out more about the PSBO banding course here. 

PSBO has also partnered with Tahoma Audubon and Joint Base Lewis-McChord to offer developing banders further opportunities to practice their field skills at our ongoing microaging project, where banding coaches work closely with developing banders to help them refine their skills in the field throughout the year. 

If you are interested in learning to band birds and participate in avian research projects, get in touch! 

Bird Bander Development

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