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PSSS Protocol Training Video 

Using a ruler and a compass, surveyors gather data that allows scientists to estimate bird density through ‘distance sampling’. Simply counting the number of birds in a given location is a simpler approach, but it forces scientists to assume that all birds are detected by observers. In reality, detection of any species declines with the distance from the observer: poor sighting conditions, quality of observing equipment, and observer inexperience all contribute to declining detection likelihood as distance increases. Distance sampling provides a robust approach to estimating density and allows for calculation of less biased density estimates.

Protocol Text Anchor

Below is the complete detailed written explanation of how to conduct a PSSS seabird survey. Feel free to download the document and keep for reference.

PSSS Written Protocol

The above video explains how to measure distance during the seabird surveys (4 min)

The above video explains how to record bearing during the seabird surveys (5 min)

All videos were created by Jenn Lang, former Science Coordinator while the program was managed by Birds Connect Seattle (formerly Seattle Audubon)

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